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Please note that as of January 1, 2014, smoking is no longer permitted anywhere on the UCSC campus.

Conference alcohol permits allow alcohol consumption for a two-hour maximum period. No alcohol is permitted in public areas on the UCSC campus. Adult conferees may enjoy alcohol in the privacy of their apartments or in specifically designated, enclosed reception areas (with accompanying alcohol permit) only.
Social Media

We encourage use of social media in and around the conference. We request that you adhere to the social media guideline standards set by the AACR for the SCDB meeting.  Please do not photograph, audiorecord or videorecord data presented by others. Data presented at the meeting is intended for meeting attendees only, and should not be shared with others without consent of the presenter.

UCSC assumes no responsibility for participants’ personal property. Expensive items should not be left in apartments. Please keep all apartment doors and windows locked. Report any suspicious behavior to the on-campus Conference Offiace or call University Police.

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