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Registration deadline: July 28, 2018

***Please note: You must submit your abstract through the above link ("REGISTER NOW"), but you can complete your meeting registration at a later date if you wish.

SCDB Young Investigator Award

If you are a graduate student, postdoctoral trainee, or junior faculty (not having tenure by the date that the meeting starts), and you would like to be considered for the SCDB Young Investigator Award, we strongly encourage you to submit your CV along with your abstract. The SCDB Young Investigator Awardee will speak in the opening session.

trainee Application for travel support

Depending on funds, a limited number of scholarships will be available for graduate students and postdocs to offset the costs of attending the meeting.  To be considered, you must submit an abstract to present either a talk or a poster at the meeting.  Please note that these scholarships are intended for trainess who have limited means of support, and who might not otherwise be able to attend.  

Please submit the form below to be considered for a scholarship. Please note: you must also submit your abstract on the registration page.

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